Hi there, my name is Henry,  and my hamradio callsign is IZ5CML, I’m living in a small town near Florence, in Italy.

Started in the early 90′s as a child like BCL and SWL with a simple tube rx and wires.
I’m licensed since october 1998.

I’ve worked 340# countries in my DXCC, and about 1020 islands on IOTA program.
I’m on LOTW and Clublog.

Now I like DX on every mode that I can listen, I’m very active on HF, 6 to 80 meter, chasing Dxcc, IOTA, Artic and Antartic territories or simple remote zone around the globe, I’m usually active during main HF contest, in the past also from IQ5LV and IO5O.

In this modern and iper connected era, I think to find a sense to amateur radio activity in his absolute simplicity, a human operator, his mind and his ears, a radio, an antenna and nature(ionospheric propagation), without connection to other commercial networks, or worse machine or AI(it will arrive…) in the way!

You can find me on SSB (main mode…), CW and a little RTTY, BUT NOT on ft8-4 etc. mode, I’m sorry but really too little interaction with signal and people on ther other side and little skill needed to work it..too much automation, I can’t settle with that, I will always search band and time when human modes could be possibile instead, and usually I find them, trying to push and promote SSB and CW use. 😉

I’m part of the Hamradioweb community, and italian forum and Ham community on the web, where I editing the
Hamradioweb Dx schedule“, a practical Dx Calendar where you find major dx and IOTA activites, updated every months (and often….) interective and responsive 😉

Here you will found info about me, dxing, propagation and some little tecnical advice(mostly in italian…sry).

73’s ! I hope to meet you on the air !!! IZ5CML