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Home dxped SV8/IZ5CML EU-067 Antiparos isl. 2006

SV8/IZ5CML EU-067 Antiparos isl. 2006

Published on 19 May 2013, by in dxped.

First of all thanks to everybody who contacts me !

EU-067 is not a most wanted reference, and I haven’t dedicated too much time to the radio, so at the end no more than 500 QSO are in the log, but it was an excellent vacation  😉

The working conditions was an FT-100 and a “rybakov” stile vertical, based on a fishing pole of 9 meter, this antenna needs a small antenna tuner to works from 10 to 80m with nice performances,  I’m pretty happy about it, antenna and AT are homemade.

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